The ASEA Program

The ASEA process was initially developed using global best practices, and with reference and support from numerous international companies and programs.  Using a kaizen philosophy, the client feedback from more than 500 individual projects and the lessons learnt along the way, have been incorporated back into the process, to make it very robust and extremely effective.

Since 2008, ASEA has worked closely with more than 150 companies, in multiple countries, across multiple sectors, and at various tier levels, and in all cases results have been outstanding.  

By using the average results for both competencies and metrics for these companies over that period of time, we should be able to get a good indication about the success (or not) of the processes, philosophies, and products, that have been developed and used by ASEA, in helping participating companies undertake their improvement projects.


More on the ASEA Program achievements


Business Capability Support Program

The Business Capability Support Program (BCSP) is a Commonwealth Government funded program running until June 2016. The BCSP program was originally set up to assist companies in the automotive supply chain to transition their businesses beyond the cessation of the Australian vehicle manufacturing in 2017.

The BSCP program has been making steady progress in achieving its goal to assist companies to diversify into other industry sectors both locally and overseas, with many companies progressively diversifying into the Mining Equipment, Building Construction, Medical & Health, Energy, Defence, Truck & Bus, Aftermarket, Water Storage, Electronics and Food sectors, as well as export markets.


With the changes to the Australian manufacturing industry, many companies are pursuing new business activities to achieve a sustainable business model. There are still opportunities for companies to participate in the BCSP program to help undertake projects that will assist in the transition to a new business paradigm.



Manufacturing Productivity Networks (MPN)


Manufacturing Productivity Networks (MPN) is a Victorian State Government program running until April 2016, designed to assist networks to improve productivity and competitiveness of Victorian manufacturing businesses.


By undertaking activities and projects, ASEA helps companies improve existing supply chain efficiencies and explore new product development in other sectors. Since its inception in 2013, MPN has assisted companies improve their performance and business health.


ASEA continues to run MPN Workshops which are designed to help strengthen business relationships, and help companies explore opportunities in parallel industries and in different countries.



International Engagement


Commencing on July 1st 2014, ASEA was selected by the Victorian Government to provide a 12-month automotive supply chain advocate position in Malaysia to help facilitate business for Victorian manufacturing companies with Malaysian counterparts. This role helped maximise business outcomes for Victoria and Malaysia by helping the Malaysian automotive industry increase its technical capabilities while giving Victorian automotive suppliers access to the rapidly growing Malaysian and South East Asian automotive industry.


Some of the key achievements from the 12 -month automotive supply chain advocate program includes:

  • Over 500 one-on-one company to company introductions
  • More than 140 meaningful one-on-one business discussions
  • Over 70 plant visits by Australians to Malaysia and Malaysians to Australian companies
  • More than 80 request for quotations, with the first 20 valued at >$8 Million.

Since the completion of the automotive supply chain advocate role, ASEA has continued its focus on facilitating international engagement and exploring global opportunities across multiple industries.


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