About ASEA

Automotive Supplier Excellence Australia (ASEA) provides a range of business coaching services to assist companies achieve international competitiveness and business sustainability. ASEA assists companies to measure their performance against international benchmarks and to implement tailored improvement projects.

ASEA has come a long way towards achieving its vision of being the ‘preferred provider of sustainable business improvement support’ and its impressive track record in helping companies become competitive has enabled it to obtain funding support from several different government programs.


The key areas that ASEA has provided expert advice to companies includes strategic business planning, supply chain management, global marketing strategies, lean enterprise, people and performance, innovation and diversification.

Future focus


Industry changes and announcements made in 2014 have seen ASEA significantly shift its focus from process improvement to opportunity seeking and international collaboration. There has been increased pressure for component suppliers to diversify their business into other products, markets and sectors to ensure they survive this period of change. ASEA has mainly been focused on supporting Australian businesses on how to best manage this change and how to connect with global companies.


Workshops like the Victorian based MPN program and the ASEA Industry Forums are run to help supply chain companies look for business opportunities within Australia or in the ASEAN region.


On the 1 July 2014, ASEA was selected by the Victorian Government to provide an automotive supply chain advocate position in Malaysia to help facilitate business for Victorian manufacturing companies with Malaysian counterparts. The purpose of this 12 month role was to maximise business outcomes for Victoria and Malaysia by helping the Malaysian automotive industry increase its technical capabilities while giving Victorian automotive suppliers access to the rapidly growing Malaysian and South East Asian automotive industry.


In 2015, ASEA continues its focus on facilitating international engagement, capturing global opportunities as well as delivering services under the Business Capability Support Program (BCSP) and the Manufacturing Productivity Networks (MPN) program.