More on the ASEA Program achievements

A Study conducted in 2011 provided the following results:

In looking at the average results of these 23 companies, this data should allow us to determine if ASEA is adding value, and the participating companies are improving.  The “benchmark reports” provided to participants following each assessment shows them their performance compared to best practice for 11 competencies and 52 metrics that are spread across their entire business.

The over-arching measurements are the 11 competencies, as these describe the business at the highest possible level.  When viewing these results, it is important to also note the time frames.  On average it was around 2½ years between the first and second assessments, and only 1¼ years between the second and third, so this needs to be taken into account.


The Average scores for 23 companies, across 11 competencies.  The Average percentage improvement for each competency.

In looking at the average scores for each competency between 2008 and 2011, we find there have been significant improvements as can be seen in the table above.  It is important here to note that the assessments were completed by an independent third party, so the data shows a true picture of the effects of undertaking ASEA improvement projects.  The other clear observation is that the rate of improvement for these 23 companies is accelerating, which would tend to indicate that the sooner a culture of change and continuous improvement is embraced, the quicker results can be delivered.

As mentioned above, client feedback is a critical part of the ASEA process, as it is important that ASEA adds value and participants see real and measurable improvement.  The questions we ask companies to rate us on in a questionnaire issued at the end of each project, are as follows:

Q1. The overall management of the Project process.

     Q1a. The quality & professionalism of the ASEA coach & trainer (if different).

     Q1b. The Learning & Knowledge gained by the participants/Company.

     Q1c. The impact/outcomes of the Project as scoped were delivered.

     Q1d. The Project has had a positive impact on the Company.

Q2. The improvements obtained are sustainable within the Company.

Q3. The Project was well supported by my Company at all levels.

Q4. Another ASEA Project could be conducted elsewhere within the Organization.

Q5. As a result of the training/coaching our Company would be capable of leading similar Projects.

Q6. I would recommend my company participates in additional ASEA projects.

We asked for feedback on each question based on the following 1 to 7 rating system:



Based on this rating scale, the graph shown above provides the average scores for each question.  These results were obtained from 142 questionnaires returned from participants at the completion of their projects during 2010 and 2011.  Based on this feedback and the results of the assessments over a 4 year period, we believe we are on the right track.