The Program

The ASEA Program commenced in 2007 and was specifically focused on assisting Tier 1 companies in the Australian automotive supply chain to improve their competitiveness and sustainability. In 2009 the Program was expanded to include the Tier 2 and 3 companies, as they are also key players in optimising the supply chain.


No matter the size of the company or the project, a dedicated ASEA client manager works closely with each company helping them through the entire process from assessment to project implementation and close-out. This ensures that the total needs of the business are fully met, even down to assisting with individual aspects of this process.


In 2011 the key focus began to shift from helping companies to improve their competitiveness “Efficiency”, to helping companies to reduce their risk profile by diversifying their revenue stream and improve their “Effectiveness”.  This could be achieved by expanding into other industry sectors, other products and/or processes, or in fact winning new business in overseas markets.  However making the change from an “Internally” focused organisation to being “Externally” focused should not be under-estimated.  It requires significant changes to be made in the business, including a critical mindset change.




Through this change of direction, the ASEA team began working closely with companies in Malaysia, and in 2014/15 won a contract to become the Automotive Supply Chain Advocates in Malaysia for the Victorian Government.


This journey for ASEA means the team has worked closely with more than 140 companies, in multiple countries, across multiple sectors, and at various tier levels, and in all cases results have been outstanding. 

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