Business Assessment Process

The process used by ASEA is designed to assist companies in achieving international competitiveness and sustainability.


Through the creation of an independent, best-in-class benchmarking process and targeted supply chain development initiatives, ASEA can help enable each individual client to achieve world-class capability and competency levels.


The ASEA Business Assessment Process uses a disciplined and comprehensive approach which can quickly identify opportunities for improvement with a Company, and provides a set of prioritised Improvement Plans that can be used to close the gaps.



Improvement Plans


Evolving Innovation
The ASEA Evolving Innovation Program assists companies to quickly identify product and service opportunities which use their current proven, advanced and unique competencies, in order to profitably grow their business.


Excellence in Energy Efficiency
Completing an Excellence in Energy Efficiency program with ASEA will ensure your business understands all opportunities for reduced resource consumption. Completing identified projects can reduce your energy expenditures by as much as 40%.


Financial Systems and Practices
The ASEA Financial Systems and Practices product will develop vital financial expertise within your organisation. Training can be contextualised to provide a firm grounding in basic principles, and depth of understanding in areas of specific need.


Global Marketing Strategies
The ASEA Global Marketing Strategies product will assist your organisation to develop and implement an appropriate marketing plan.

Global Sourcing Strategies
The ASEA Global Sourcing Strategies product will assist your organisation to develop and maintain basic procurement skills and understanding, while encouraging a strategic view of the discipline.


Leadership and Management
The ASEA Leadership and Management product will provide your team with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to lead effectively and drive high performance teams.

Lean Enterprise
The ASEA lean Enterprise product will ensure your business is following lean principles by understanding the basics of Lean, identifying sources of waste, and implementing a continuous process of improvement.

People and Performance
The ASEA People and Performance product will assist your team/organisation to develop and implement appropriate strategies, processes, tools and metrics to ensure that you recruit, develop and retain talented and motivated employees.


Strategic Business Planning
The ASEA Strategic Business Planning product will assist your organisation to develop and implement appropriate strategic and operational business plans.


Supply Chain Management
The ASEA Supply Chain Management product will assist your organisation to develop a strategy to manage material resources from their source, through manufacturing, to the final customer.


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